The best all-in-one wellness experience ever.

Welcome to the 2021 

Live Better Retreat! 

Las Flores Resort, El Salvador 
6-Day / 5-Night Experience Nov. 8-13th, 2021

Las Flores Resort, El Salvador 
6-Day / 5-Night Experience 
Nov. 8-13th, 2021

This retreat comprises all things wellness; daily fitness, surfing, yoga, nutrition, mindset, and meditation to self-development workshops, group discussions, and forming lifelong friendships. Did we miss anything?

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This retreat comprises all things wellness; daily fitness, surfing, yoga, nutrition, mindset, and meditation to self-development workshops, group discussions, and forming lifelong friendships. Did we miss anything?

This retreat experience is built on our systems of wellness in four pillars: 

Move Better

Eat Better

Think Better

Give Better

What can I expect from my experience on the trip?

  • Daily Surfing: No experience needed & a daily lesson provided
  • "Morning Mobility": Daily stretching and surfing "warm-up" classes
  • 1:1 Coaching Session: Private coaching session with Bret & Jason
  • Move Better Workouts: Nike Trainer and Nike+ Run Club-led workouts on the beach, including athletic performance and bootcamp-style classes
  • Sunset Yoga Flows: All-levels yoga overlooking the ocean 
  • Daily Guided Meditation : Learn to meditate with performance breathing
  • Community Meals: Enjoy local cuisine in the company of friends
  • Beach Bonfires: Hang with your friends on the beach and share experience
  • Self-Development Workshops: Healthy lifestyle design ("Ikigai"), Stress Management, EQ Improvement + "Live Better Mindset" talk
  • Live Better "Care Package": Welcome gifts and wellness products 

We believe being social is foundational to our wellness experience (something we're all craving right now). This trip will allow you to focus on these four pillars of your health alongside a community of high-achievers, doers, dreamers, and go-getters looking to improve their health and make friends for a lifetime.

Interested to speak with a retreat leader?


  • 7:00am: “Morning Mobility” (performance breathing, soft-tissue release, and dynamic stretching to start your day)
  • 8:00am:  Coffee (lots of it…or matcha if you go green)
  • 8:01am: Team Performance Training #1 (NTC-inspired athletic workout)
  • 12:00 pm: Get your one-on-one coaching with Bret & Jason. Talk about anything from changing jobs to fitness and nutrition or talk about pursuing a side hustle with a dose of adrenaline and creativity. 
  • 2:00pm: Perfect time for a nap in the hammock, a journaling session or time to explore the resort
  • 4:30pm: Health Workshop: Let’s do some 80/20 analysis on the best things to focus on for fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.
  • 5:30pm: The Best Flow Ever: Yoga at sunset to the sounds of the ocean. 
  • 7:30pm: Community Dinner in the Cabana, overlooking the ocean. Local, amazing prepared family style food with local music
  • ​9:00pm: A glass of wine to help the stories and conversations flow from the day
  • 10:00pm (and on): Fall asleep dreaming of how your life changed today, and will again with the sunrise tomorrow…Best Day Ever.
  • Daily Surf Rental  + Lessons: $250+ VALUE
  • 1:1 Coaching Session: $350 VALUE
  • Workshop/Classes: $1500+ VALUE
  • ​Standard All-Inclusive Trip: $2500 VALUE
  • ​Wellness Gifts & Products: $300+ VALUE
  • Trip Investment: $3,000
  • ​​Lifelong Memories: PRICELESS


A boutique surf club nestled in the el salvadoran jungle along a beautiful strip of coastline.

Playa Las Flores is a dramatic, natural cove tucked in by carved rock and dense tropical flora, with playful sand beach bordering a cauldron of whitewater and waves detonating in the background. A throwback in time to a prehistoric vision of Central America where the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the charcoal sands of ancient volcanic outflows. Cast within this primordial setting, Las Flores Surf Club is an environmentally conscious hotel designed to have a minimal impact on the landscape and ecosystem.



This "retreat" is about living your life at your full potential; nothing less. It is just as much self-development as it is community driven; it is the 'escape' you've been wanting and the 'upgrade' you've been needing. Surrounded by the jungle, and nestled against the ocean, you and your new like-minded friends will experience a life-changing trip from which you will return energized, inspired, armed with strategies and tools to set up your life exactly the way you picture it, and well supported.

It's not about turning people into yoga teachers or teaching people how to "chill." It's about getting better for your goals on your path. We are both humbled and hungry to help you on your mission, and make it ours to give you individualized attention in the context of a community atmosphere.

See you at the beach,
Jason Loebig, Co-Founder
Bret Gornik, Co-Founder
Ryland Hormel, Retreat Leader
Paige Powell, Chief of Staff


We partner with some of the top brands in the world to level up your wellness experience. You'll get to try the latest gear, upgrade your nutrition, and gain access to discounts on our favorite items.

There are a limited amount of retreat spots available. 
It is first-come, first-serve until they're gone! 


How much does it cost & what is included?
The cost of the trip is $3,000. This is inclusive of your resort stay, including food, surfing + lessons, all activities and workshops including fitness, meditations, yoga, group discussions, and your 1:1 coaching session. Your transportation to and from the resort is also covered.
What if I can't make those dates?
Are you interested in potentially joining us Nov 1-6? We may pop open a second week to accommodate a huge demand for the retreat. We'd also love to host you in 2022! We still encourage you to click the 'Reserve Your Spot' button and fill in your details so we can connect with you. 
What is not included in the price?
The only additional costs include your flight, extra alcohol (3 beers, 1 glass of wine, or 1 cocktail is included), and spa services (which are amazing and cheap).
Where do I find additional travel information?
Once you book your retreat experience with us, we'll follow up immediately with travel information. We can help you book an appropriate flight (into airport "SAL"), will send additional lists like what to pack (definitely a swimsuit and sunscreen...), and other must-brings. Expect to travel ~2 hours to the resort once you land at the airport, all via private service.
What if I've never surfed, never done yoga, or feel like a "beginner"?
This trip is "all-levels" in every sense of the word. We've had ages 22-60 on these trips from all over in wide-ranges of ability levels and experience. This is what makes this trip so special - we gear every workout, session, and discussion to everyone. No experience is necessary; we only expect that you come with a willingness to keep an open mind.
Do you offer payment plans?
We accept both payment in full or in a deposit ($1,500, or half the trip cost). This payment will reserve your spot on the retreat. If you need other accommodations, please send us an email at to discuss further.
Anything else I need to know?
We aim to hold space in our community for ALL people to practice and improve their health. We work so hard to cultivate an environment that is inclusive, judgement free, safe, and welcoming. It'll be a life changing experience of people driven to pursue better in life, together.
What if I have questions related to COVID-19?
If you have any questions related to COVID-19 please email 
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